Badho Bahu is a story of overweight girl Komal, who got nicknamed as Badho because of her physical appearance. Komal is made to do tough manual tasks, which need physical strength. Komal is very humble by nature, and is often tricked by people. Lucky Singh Ahlawat is the famous wrestler, with whom Komal gets married.Komal is a sweet, loving, energetic and a simple girl. She has a big heart which cares for everyone around. She helps most people in her town. She looks awkward because of her heavy personality. Even then, Komal is loved by all and is called Badho. She is strong willed and a fighter. She does not get scared of life’s struggles. She gets on battling problems with self-confidence. Komal is very positive about life. She believes in sincerity. Komal has all the good virtues one would look for in a life partner. She just lacks in stunning looks.

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