Burka Avenger is set in the fictional town of Halwapur in northern Pakistan. It features a superheroine who wears a burqa to hide her identity while fighting villains. Her alter ego is Jiya, a “mild-mannered teacher” at an all-girls’ school. Jiya is trained in ”Takht Kabaddi”, a martial art that involves throwing pens and books, by Kabbadi Jan, her adopted father. Together with children Ashu, Immu and Mooli, the Burka Avenger fights the evil magician Baba Bandook and his henchmen.

The main characters include three children, twins Ashu and Immu, their friend Mooli (named for the radish), his pet goat Golu, Jiya (the Burka Avenger), the villainous magician Baba Bandook, corrupt politician Vadero Pajero, and Jiya’s adopted father Kabbadi Jan.

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