Naagin- Pakistan’s first ever mythological and fantasy drama soap based on the story of “Roop Badalti Naagin” has been premiered last week on Geo Kahani. Soon after the first episode went on-air, it has ever increasing popularity among the television audience and upward graph on rating chart. Geo Kahani’s Naagin made the viewers spellbound with its rare conceptualization, extravagant Visual effects and unparalleled characterization.

The very audience of “Naagin” is getting complete dose of entertainment with alluring female snake Sheen, she is playing an antagonist role of “Sanam Jahan” and holding a grudge against a family that killed their forefather snakes. Wajiha, who is playing a protagonist character of Muskaan, she is marked as the prime target of Sanam Jahan. The eye-candy ladies are already becomes centre of attention for viewers and they are appreciating their impressive acting as well. An interesting twist in on-going soap is related to Rayan (Hareeb Farooq), who falls in love with Muskaan and ties the knot with her. Now viewers are really curious as Sanam Jahan and Muskaan are in same house and they have opposite agenda and contrasting personalities.

How can a story on snakes be completed without Sapera and Saperan? Well drama soap “Naagin” has two gorgeous Saperan like Resham (Sajna) and Jana Malik (Pashi). Sajna Saperan is on a mission to get immortal powers by controlling Sanam Jahan while Pashi Saperan is providing helping hand to revenge holding Naagin. Popular TV and film artist Resham has made an exquisite comeback on television screen after a long gap and we are already impressed with her expressive and character delivering skills. The overall play is rising the temperature in television industry as too much hotness, glamour and striking frames are making it must watch content.

Geo Kahani’s Naagin has already witnessed 200% increment in ratings in just 6 episodes (From 0.98 to 2.78 average ratings)

“Naagin” has not only attracted eyeballs on television screen but also created buzz on social media and digital platforms. People are discussing and expressing their views about mythological drama soap and Geo Kahani is receiving immense response on its official page from all around the globe. We have also observed large number of views on YouTube and different videos hosting website as well.

Peeps! We have an interesting news for upcoming episodes which is the entry of another mysterious character Bano and Sajna Separan is eagerly waiting for “Chand Girhan Ki Raat” to grab Naagin. *Fingers Crossed*

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  • h

    Keep up the good work.

  • M. Ihsan asghar

    the nagin episode was presented to audience on every saturday and sunday at 09:00 PM but for the last 2/3 weeks i cannot see nagin episode. plz tell me when nagin episode presented to audience on geo kahani???????????

    • Waqas

      Dear Ihsan Aghar,

      Due to some technical issues, we are not airing fresh episodes of Naagin, you can watch them very soon.


  • Haris

    Dear Team,

    Can you please tell us the Reason for stopping Geo Kahani’s Drama Nagin from episode 177 and so on.What has happened, as you are not uploading it on TV.Is this Drama banned or Nothing.But please If you want to End this Drama make 4to5 Episodes and End this drama.

    Chief Haris

    • Waqas

      Dear Viewer,

      Thanks for your concern about the airing of Naagin drama.It is currently air at 8:00 pmto 9:00 pm.


  • Shumaila Hamid

    Waiting for next season 2
    Immensely waiting for Muskan’s revenge against Sanam jahan.
    Please must continue this.

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