A supernatural plot involving the myth of ICHA DHAARI NAAGIN (A snake which takes human form). Story revolves around a house where the elders are aware that when they made this house they had to kill some snakes who were living there. But what they don’t know is that there were two survivors (both girls), one is Muskaan who was taken by an ordinary man who saw that snake in a baby form. And the other girl (antagonist Sanam Jahan) was taken by a SAPERAN. Sanam Jahan returns in this home to take revenge where lives our hero RAYAN who falls in love with Muskaan who doesn’t know that she is a Nagin yet. Muskaan gets into that home after marrying Rayan and Sanam Jahan is already there. What will happen when Muskaan will also turn into a Nagin & will eventually go head to head against Sanam Jahan.

Directed by: Shah Bilal

Written by: Iftikhar Ahmed Usmani

Production House: Babar Javed presents in association with Blue Eye Entertainment

Resham (Sajna)Jana Malik (Pashi)Saima Slaeem (Arfa)Raheela Aga (budhia Sanam Jahan)Sheen (Young Sanam Jahan)Imran Ahmed (Wajhat)Zia Khan (Ashfaq)Hareeb Farooq (Rayaan)Arslan Mughal (Nayel)

Arslan Idrees (Salman)

Wajhia Durani ( Muskaan)

Maira Bungash ( Mehak)

Ashya Javaid (Sariya)

Zaib Ch. (Khalida)Rasheed Ali (Rehmat)Huma Ali (Farkhanda)Raja Feroz (Feroz)Javaid Hashmi (Waheed)Fani Jaan (Razzaq)Tanveer Malik (inspector)Ahsan MuradShahid Hussain (Dr)

Faiz Chuan (Dr)

Shahan Ali (kaso)

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