A beautiful young girl Kiran always dreamt of an ideal marital life in form of a warm-hearted husband and a caring bread winner for the family. The greatest irony of dream occurs when life makes Kiran figure that takes the responsibility on her shoulders.

The wedding preparations of Kiran are in full swing and amidst of it her father suffers from a fatal heart attack. She takes a decision to postpone her marriage and sell the gold for his treatment, which makes the family-to-be upset. To her dismay, the father has a heart infection which requires him to stay back at the hospital. Kiran abandons her dreams, and steps her feet in job force. The fear of unknown takes a toll on her which results in a personality transformation.  How will she cope with future challenges in her new role as a sole bread winner for her family?

Written by: Nasreen Nizami

Directed by: Tehseen Khan

Produced by; Babar Javed

Cast names with Characters:

Munawer Saeed as Afzal

Nargis Rasheed as Salma

Marjan Fatima as Kiran

Parveen Akbar as Kiran’s Mami

Basit Faryad as Fawad

Furry Ali as Farwa

Rana Majid as Zaid

Hibba Aziz as Guriya

Ikram Abbasi as Ahmar

Tabrez Shah as Faraan

Farah Nadir as Suriya

Mohammad Ali Khan as Hassan

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