Since there are no boundaries of love, this soap proves that irrespective of any caste, religion or tribe, love can cross any boundary without asking a return or possession over the other person.

A young guy falls in love with a Hindu girl who is already engaged to another person. This person is unable to take a stand for her because of the social pressures and marries his cousin.

He later comes once again to the same place when he comes to know that the Hindu girl is now divorced. But circumstances take a turn and the girl gets married to his step-brother, a lawyer.

This situation becomes crucial for everyone and the relation becomes quiet unacceptable. To make matters worse, the step-brother was once in love with the woman who later became his bhabi.

All types of complications are created as both are in love with each other’s wives.

This soap is about success, failure and punishment a person goes through in love testing and touching his emotions, disturbing his family and domestic life and of course his career. All the stress can make anyone attempt suicide.

Directed By: Yasir Nawaz

Written By: Noor Ul Huda Shah

Produced By: Iqbal Ansari

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