SHE is a situational comedy serial centered on a women Police officer named Baji Rao Mastani and her three subordinates. The show depicted their lives as they try to solve every case which comes to their jurisdiction. SHE is a very clever and inteligent and has no fear she always stand by the right side and never get influenced from superior and always do what is righteous.

A very hilarious situational comedy flick by renowned Dr Yonus Butt.

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  • Gulzar Khwaja

    This is excellent comedy show. Saba Qamar is a very seasoned comedy actress. Dr. Younis Butt may create more such comedy themes for the general public and assign the major role to Saba Qamar. She is amazing in acting as SSP of a Thana situation.

    You have not mentioned the names of other staff of the Thana Mustpura. I am interested to know names of full cast. Thanks.

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