A middle class family. A father with a kind heart but someone who has kept his families old traditions very close,a mother who has done everything to keep her husband and in laws happy but now she won’t keep quiet as it’s about her beloved daughter. A daughter whom she has raised in such a manner that she wants her to live the life that she could have never lived. The mother wants her daughter to fulfill all her dreams even the ones that the mother once had. That’s why she named her Sohani.

Sohani is the kind of a girl who is always happy no matter what the circumstances are. She’ll always find a bright spot in the darkest of scenarios that life has to offer. But even the moon has its dark patches, and so does Sohani’s life too. Her phuppo wants Sohani’s hand for her son but neither does Sohani wants this, nor does her mother. Sohani’s father on the other hand wants Sohani to marry his nephew as he is a hard working bloke, but his income isn’t sufficient enough to meet Sohani’s expectations and desires.

At the wedding of a very close friend Sohani comes face to face with our handsome wealthy hunk Zaryab.

It was a classic case of love at first sight. After much emotional drama Sohani is finally married to the prince of her dreams. But life has never been this simple and easy for anyone, her future mother in-law is extremely possessive about Zaryab and she wants best for her son and Sohani doesn’t have what it takes to be her BAHU.

Zaryab has cancer and it’s after their marriage that this news comes out as a shock to everyone. Zaryab dies a painful death, now it’s the mother in-law and Sohani. What would it be for her? Will she ever be able to get back on her feet, will she ever be able to find true love again, was her father right about the traditional life style or is she paying the price to pursue her selves and her mother’s dreams.


Written by: Muhammad Faiz

Directed by: Syed Imran Ali

Producer: Aijaz Aslam


Cast with character name:

Artist Names                       Character Names

Madiha                             Sohani (Female Lead)

Asad Zaman                     Zaryab (Male Lead)

Junaid Akhtar                  Junaid (Male Lead)

Shahzad Raza                  Ahmed

Humera Zahid                 Sakina

Bina Choudray                     Saira

Malik hamid Raza Kamran

Hashim Butt                          Waleed

Salman Khan                        Fareed

Parveen Siddiq                    Sabira

Momeen Salahuddin          Raheela

Sofia Khan                            Mrs. Mandviwala

Manoj Kumar                      Asfand

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