The drama serial revolves around the lives of a contented and loving family of Ashfaq and Sonia, along with their children Amal and Rafay. Amal, the elder daughter, is a student pursuing her undergraduate degree. She harbours a secret love for one of her classmates, Shazim, who belongs to an affluent and powerful family. However, Amal has never expressed her feelings to anyone.

On the other hand, Rehan, a fellow classmate of Amal, is secretively in love with her but hides his feelings due to his middle-class background and financial struggles. The plot takes a tragic turn when Amal’s father, Ashfaq, is arrested on false corruption charges, leaving the family penniless and at the mercy of others. The family’s once comfortable and happy life is turned upside down, and they are forced to face the harsh realities of life.

The drama is a heart-wrenching tale of love, loss, and survival as the family tries to cope with their new reality. Will Amal be able to find a way to support herself and her family? Despite Rehan’s financial constraints, will he be able to help Amal for the sake of his love?

Writer: Imran Syfer

Director: Irfan Aslam

Produced by: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi

Production House: 7th Sky Entertainment

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