Zoya Nay Haan Kardi

Zoya is a young and fun-loving girl who lives with her mother and younger brother Moto. Zoya prefers to live in a world of her dreams and wishes to meet her prince charming one day. However, the only obstruction in the way of fulfilling her dreams is the fear of losing the house she is living in. For many years, Zoya and her family have been forcefully living in Shamsheer Sahab’s house on a minimal rent amount. After refusing to leave the house multiple times, Shamsheer Sahab’s son Ashir takes up the responsibility to vacate the premises on his own terms and that is when both Ashir and Zoya meet for the first time. This whole situation translates into a… Read More →

Khoob Seerat

Dilkash and Mahira, though opposite in nature, are best friends. Dilkash is pure at heart and has always sacrificed her own needs for Mahira’s. Despite being secretly in love with Samar, Dilkash does everything possible to help Mahira and Samar’s union. When a series of misunderstandings result in both their marriages falling apart, Mahira and Samar part ways with their life long bond broken. Though Dilkash feels sorry for her friend, Mahira starts to despise Dilkash’s married life. In a world without trust and loyalty, will Dilkash be able to find a perfect ending to her story? Will Mahira ever be able to accept the reality of her situation? Or are the two friends destined to live separate lives? Written… Read More →


Sadia and Zobia are sisters raised with strict family values by their father Hamid. Sadia is married to Ahmar but her rukhsati is on hold while the family waits for her uncle’s return from America. Zobia on the other hand is having an affair with Umair. When she invites Umair to Sadia’s birthday to introduce him to her family, Sadia does not approve of the rich and spoilt Umair. As the meeting between Umair and both sisters is taking place – Hamid and Ahmer along with his family arrives at the party to surprise Sadia on her birthday. Ahmer misreads the situation completely and assumes that it is actually his wife who is interested in Umair. In a fit of… Read More →

Ay Dil Tu Bata

The story revolves around the main protagonist Aqsa, who is an orphan living in a joint family system with her mother Zahra, Uncle, Aunt and her son Aazan. Aqsa is very close to her cousin Aazan. They are like best friends who shares everything with each other. Aqsa is a very decent, educated and sober girl. She is in her final year of college. Considering the understanding and friendship between Aqsa and Aazan, her mother Zahra wishes to marry her daughter to Aazan. She discusses the same with her sister-in-law Bi Jaan. Being an elder, Bi Jaan holds an influential position in the family. Aazan’s mother Riffat goes against the thought & announces Tayyaba and Aazan’s engagement. Tayyaba is Riffat’s… Read More →


A young and innocent girl, Mushk belongs to a conservative family as her life is governed and determined by her father Iftikar Ali. Mushk has no choice other than following the principles set by her father until she meets Sehba. Inspired by Sehba’s modern lifestyle and outgoing nature, Mushk became friends with her. Jealousy takes over Sehba’s heart as she discovers Mushk and Irtiza’s newfound relationship. Through her vicious plans, Sehba makes Mushk’s life difficult as she loses her family and her lover’s trust. Left alone in this world of cruelties, will Mushk realize the true face of Sehba and will she be able to regain trust of her loved ones? Written By: Maha Malik | Directed By: Siraj ul… Read More →


The story revolves around a couple, Mehwish (Azekah Daniel) and Shehram (Junaid Akhtar), and their daughter Pari (Khushi Maheen). The film begins with them arriving at a house somewhere in Ayubia, where eerie things start happening; the quintessential horror movie stuff with doors opening and closing, lights going out, rocking chairs rocking on their own etc. Things keep happening endlessly for the first half of the film. Mehwish cries all the time for no reason, and blames her husband for not letting her organize a Quran-Khawani before inhabiting the house. Shehram, an atheist, who is repeatedly criticized for his beliefs, keeps consoling his wife. Meanwhile, Pari frolics around the house while behaving rather strangely. In one instance, she goes outside, roams… Read More →


Black magic(Kala Jadu) is prevalent in our society. There is an intricate web of conspiracies that stem from this practice. Siyaah is a 2013 Pakistani horror thriller film directed by Azfar Jafri and written by Osman Khalid Butt. The film stars are Hareem Farooq, Qazi Jabbar, Mahnoor Usman and Ahmed Ali Akbar. The film is about the dissociative identity disorder.

Lo Pakray Gaye

A light-hearted comedy story where Zain Ahmed’s son Hamza’s wedding date is going to be fixed. Hamza, who loves Haniya and to whom he’s getting married. They meet secretly and Haniya’s younger brother Mithoo helps them, while they bribe him with eateries. Later Mithoo threatens them with their mother’s name and take benefits from his sister and cousin. On Mayun day, Hamza & Haniya plans to meet outside, however Mithoo denies to help them this time so Haniya leaves without informing anyone. This becomes a situation where both the bride and groom went missing, creating a lot of fuss and confusion for both the families as they navigate through a series of ludicrous events to find both love birds. What… Read More →

Chupan Chupai

Chupan Chupai is a 2017 Pakistani Comedy Thriller film, it’s a comedy of errors revolving around three friends Feddy, Koki and Teli, stupid by nature and cursed by luck. Their lives take a chilling turn when they cross paths with Babu and his alter ego girlfriend Pari.

Maan Jao Na

A story about young people against the institution of marriage in society. The story evolves into a greater story which revolutionizes the culture in the country. Directed by Aabis Raza Produced by Muhammad Khalid Ali Written by Asma Nabeel,Ahsan Raza Firdousi Cast:Elnaaz Norouzi as Raania, Adeel Chaudhry as Faris Ghana Ali as Selina Ayaz Samoo as Asim Hajra Yamin as Sara Naeem Haq Asif Raza Mir Asma Abbas Neelo Sabahat Bukhari Wafa Alam Pitafi Nayyer Ejaz Ali Gul Pir (special appearance)