Bandhay Ek Dour Se

Many times, the relationships we tend to believe are strong are in reality much weaker and the relationships that we think are weak end up being strong and supportive. Belonging to a middle-class joint family, Umar, a young and handsome man is in love with Roshni who happens to be the neighbor of Umar’s aunt Zakia. Due to family rivalry, both the families have hostile relationship. However, Umar is friends with his cousin Maheen. While Umar is struggling to make peace within the families, self-centered Roshni has aspirations and dreams of her own which leads to devastating circumstances for Umar, Roshni and Maheen. Despite of Umar’s struggles, misunderstandings force the families to fall apart leaving Umar’s hopes and dreams unfulfilled…. Read More →

Sultan Mehmed Fateh

Constantinople has been besieged many times over the centuries; but neither the bulls were able to open a single breach in their strong walls, nor did the giant chain of Golden Horn embark on the enemy ships. Moreover, If Mehmed wants to get this city, he has to fight not only against the Byzantine Empire and the Christian world behind him, but also against the greatest opposition in the state, Çandarli Halil Pasha. This great Sultan, far beyond his age, advances by his brilliant intelligence, his military and strategic genius, his belief in wisdom and victory, and overcoming all kinds of obstacles. Two years after you ascend the throne, the city envelops, conquering Constantinople by achieving the so-called “impossibility” after… Read More →

Heer Da Hero

Heer is a young and confident girl, who has become a TikTok star with a large following on social media. Hero, on the other hand, is a charismatic and confident man, but with a softer side that he keeps hidden. Despite their families’ long-standing feud, Heer and Hero begin to develop feelings for each other after hilarious first encounters. As they are about to navigate their growing romance, Heer is introduced to a potential partner, Zain who makes matters worse for Hero and Heer. Eventually, they find themselves on opposing sides in a highly contested community election, where both are determined to emerge victorious. Will their budding romance survive in the face of such deep-seated animosity? Can their love find… Read More →


The story of Saaya revolves around Sauleha who lives with her husband Rashid and two daughters. Sauleha is in her last trimester and she has immense pressure by the mother-in-law to give birth to a son, otherwise she will be thrown out of the house with her daughters who are considered to be a burden. Despite being a support, Rashid is unable to take a strong step against her mother Ateeqa for being a source of tension in the family. Sauleha delivers a baby boy, but the newborn gets exchanged in the hospital by Qayyum, who is desperate to have a son. Ateeqa does not accept the baby girl and in order to get away from her presence, she does… Read More →


Banno narrates a heartwrenching love story entangled in between familial ties that require sacrifice and compromise at every step of life. After the death of her parents, Beena has been brought up by her uncle’s family since childhood. Beena is a young and kind-hearted girl who tries to maintain peace with everyone in the family however her aunt’s constant abuses and rude behaviour makes life difficult for her. On the other hand, Beena’s cousin Sania share a beautiful bond of friendship, love and respect with her. Sania and Beena’s life takes an unfortunate turn when Sania’s cousin Azlan instantly falls in love with Beena. Despite Azlan and Beena’s mutual interest in each other, Sania’s intrusion and love for Azlan begins… Read More →

Bechari Qudsia

Bechari Qudsia narrates a story of a young and naïve girl, Qudsia who belongs to a lower-middle-class family. Her aspirations and dreams of moving ahead in life keep her occupied. Despite working menial jobs, Qudsia’s parents have high hopes for their daughter and want her to acquire higher education. After years of hard work and academic excellence, Qudsia is able to secure a scholarship in one of the city’s most prestigious university. Getting exposed to new surroundings and people from the upper class, Qudsia soon begins to lose her real self. Due to societal standards, Qudsia is forced to lie about herself and her background which leads to multiple tribulations at every step of her life. Despite the humiliation faced… Read More →


Uncertainty and doubt are two elements that are bound to disrupt the foundation of any loving relationship. Guddu is a story of certain relationships that are fuelled by the fire of doubt. Nayab is a young woman who along with her son Guddu leads a blissful and happy life. Despite living away from her husband Ibad, Nayab has never complained about any discomfort. Living in harmony with her in-laws, Nayab is close to her sister-in-law Sidra and both of them share a relationship of love and respect. Soon the arrival of Ibad brings a new wave of happiness for the whole household while an uncertain difficulty arises for Nayab. In efforts to help Sidra overcome a situation, Nayab’s naive nature… Read More →

Safr E Mashad

A special Documentary film on the Life of Hazrat Imam Raza (AS) and the cultural aspects of the city of Mashhad.

Safr E Karbala

watch special program “Safar-E-Karbala” exclusively on this muharram transmission. The renowned producer Hasan Askari has made the memorable documentaries which cover the importance of sacred places and the significant Mausoleums in these places. These documentaries are in Urdu language and source of thorough knowledge for the viewers.


The Battle of Karbala was held in 61 Hijri between very limited numbers of lovers and followers of Syedna Imam Hussain (ra) and massive forces of Yazeed Bin Muawiya, who had led astray from the righteous path of Islam. The 72 companions or Ahl-e-Bait of Syedna Imam Hussain (ra) preferred to sacrifice their lives for the Glory of Islam, then to bow down before the evil and tyrant forces. a renowned religious scholar will share his great insight about the battle of Karbala and how the lovers of Islam remained determined and stick to their true beliefs while they had to face the atrocities of the enemies.