Safr E Najaf

The renowned producer Hasan Askari has made the memorable documentaries which cover the importance of sacred places and the significant Mausoleums in these places. These documentaries are in Urdu language and source of thorough knowledge for the viewers.

Eid In Laws

Get ready to celebrate Eid with a heart-warming and hilarious telefilm “Eid In Laws”! The story follows Sameer and Meena, two lovebirds who eloped to get married against everyone’s wishes. Now, they are trying to make things right by visiting Meena’s parents and seeking their blessings. However, things take a turn for the worse when Sameer realizes that Meena’s family hates him and wants to break their marriage. As Sameer tries to navigate through their disapproval, he is faced with a series of hilarious challenges and insults that make his stay at his in-laws an unforgettable nightmare. From facing opposition of Meena’s parents to interference by his brother-in-law, Sameer has to deal with it all. And just when he thought… Read More →

Dil Phisla Rey

On this festive occasion of Eid-ul-Adha, Geo Entertainment is bringing an exciting and fun-filled telefilm “Dil Phisla Rey”. The story revolves around a typical Punjabi family who is on the lookout for a perfect life partner for their son, Razi. Being the only son of his parents, Razi’s mother wants to bring a daughter-in-law of her choice. On the other hand, Maya is a fun-loving young girl who along with her sister moves next door. Maya and Razi’s first few interactions with each other turn out to be not so pleasant and leave them both annoyed. However, fate had something else in store for both of them as their families begin to finalize the wedding preparations. Things take an even… Read More →

Kahay Dil Jidhar

‘Kahay Dil Jidher’ is about a gathering of friends carrying on with a day to day existence changing excursion of self disclosure. The storyline rotates around the strange disappearring of one of the four college companions who later re-join under stunning conditions. Noticeably successful in their separate fields, the three are collectivelly impacted and a progression of occasions uncover a social malicious in an exceptionally emotional manner. Written by: Kamran Bari Directed by: Jalal

Mehrunisa V Lub U

A light comedy depicting prevalent social evils, general apathy of people and resolve of some to fight improve the life and surrounding around them. Director: Yasir Nawaz Writer: Yasir Nawaz Stars: Mohammad Ahmad, Nayyar Ejaz, Inam Hasan


A story of a middle class guy, passionate about becoming an actor and prove his worthiness to his family. Ditching a job interview as a favor from a father to his son, the story leads to new endeavors. Director: Yasir Nawaz | Writer: Yasir Nawaz


Hailing from a middle-class family, Zoya is a young and naive girl who after the death of her father lives with her mother and aunt. Zoya’s mother, Shereen longs for her daughter to complete her studies and become independent. On the contrary, Zoya’s young and immature mind begins to be polluted under peer pressure and social media. Embarrassed about her lifestyle, Zoya tries to create a fake online persona that marks the beginning of countless troubles that await in her life. Through social media, Zoya comes across Junaid who hails from a respectable family however little does anyone is aware of his dark side. Zoya’s naive and inane nature becomes an easy target for Junaid as he eventually succeeds in… Read More →

Apke Aa Jany Se

Zara is a young and pretty girl who has spent all of her life abroad. She grew up listening to stories about her ancestral town, Lahore and she dreams of visiting it. Zara along with her mother, Maira travel to Lahore to visit their relatives, where they meet Aswad, the son of Maira’s former lover, Salik. While exploring the streets of Lahore, Zara and Aswad begins to spend more time together and develops a close bond that turns into love. However, Maira does not approve of their relationship due to her bitter history with Salik. Will Zara and Aswad be able to convince Maira or the misunderstanding between the families continue to grow? Will Zara & Aswad be forced to… Read More →

Sultan Mehmed Fateh

Constantinople has been besieged many times over the centuries; but neither the bulls were able to open a single breach in their strong walls, nor did the giant chain of Golden Horn embark on the enemy ships. Moreover, If Mehmed wants to get this city, he has to fight not only against the Byzantine Empire and the Christian world behind him, but also against the greatest opposition in the state, Çandarli Halil Pasha. This great Sultan, far beyond his age, advances by his brilliant intelligence, his military and strategic genius, his belief in wisdom and victory, and overcoming all kinds of obstacles. Two years after you ascend the throne, the city envelops, conquering Constantinople by achieving the so-called “impossibility” after… Read More →

Kurulus Osman – Season Three

Kurulus Osman is the greatest verifiable dramatization that spotlights on the existence of Osman,who became the founder of the Ottoman empire. Osman is the child of Ertugrul Ghazi and His family clan known as Kayi-Family eternally.In the land inundated with blood and tears, mown as a divine harvest; He saw the fantasy of a country that would cross seven sky, seven spots, mountains, and oceans with adoration. He took his strength not from his sword but with the love he confirmed, resistance to slavery with freedom, delivered the device to keep justice.