YA RABBANA (ANBIYA KARAAM KI DUAIEN):In Quran there are several duas that are used by Prophets of those times, Allama Muzaffar Hussain Shah will share the stories behind these duas with our viewers, he will also share the benefits to recite them at a particular time and these duas will be in sync with our topic of the day. This is a ten minutes recorded show which will air with a link by our transmission host.


This year world famous Maulana Bashir Farooqui, a philanthropist and a spiritual scholar will do a recorded segment. Our viewers will get an opportunity to speak with him to share their pressing issues and he will share suitable wazaif. This segment will include calls and messages from our viewers.


Pakistan’s renowned scholar, Allama Kokab Noorani will share different Alamat- e- Kubra and Alamat- e- Sughara of Qiyamat. It will be a fifteen minutes recorded segment that will air with link of our host. It will be aligned with today’s scenario where he will share Waqiyat in light of Quran and Hadees.


Ehsaas is realization of situation or scenario and from this we practice: Sharing & Caring, Standing against oppression, Belief in God, Working & Eating together. This all create a sense of affection amongst humans and makes us a better human and hence a better Muslim. On this theme we have established Ehsaas Ramzan Transmission.


Alif is the journey of Momin and Momina, where Momin’s journey is to rediscover his roots and Momina’s journey is to maintain the livelihood of her family by fateful events their paths will join. In Momin’s journey when everyone has left him alone, his grandfather and Momina help him to connect with who he really is. The negativity in his personality has put him on a path where success and glamour meet him but he drifts away from his purpose in life. On the other hand, Momina agrees to help him because she has recently lost her brother and struggled with emotional trauma, therefore, she understands the difficulties faced by Momin hence she and his grandfather plays the pivotal role… Read More →


The only daughter of her parents, Tamanna is left alone in this world after the demise of her parents. Tamanna’s maternal uncles decide to take her with them however they fear their mother’s reaction as Tamanna’s father was a son of a cobbler hence she always considered that as an insult on their reputation. After cutting all the ties with her own daughter, will Bibi accept her granddaughter, Tamanna? In efforts to win everyone’s love and gain respect for her parents, Tamanna tries to oblige everyone through her actions. Entangled by complicated familial relationships will Tamanna ever be able to redeem the honor and pride of her parents? Along the way, will Tamanna find true love for herself or will… Read More →

Babul Ka Angna

Babul Ka Angna is the story of Mehwish, a young girl who dreams is to complete her higher studies and create her own identity. Her father support this dream but her mother, like the typical norms of society, wants her to get married and settle down as this will enable her younger sister Sehrish to get married also. Mehwish is lucky, as a young, rich and charming man called Haris, falls for her.  Mehwish’s father refuses the proposal, as he wants Meshwish to fulfill her dreams. Haris assures the father that he will help her in pursuing her dreams even after they are married.  Her father agrees and the wedding takes place.  Married life is nothing but beautiful until one… Read More →


Seerat is a very heart touching and thought provoking story which portrays how vanity over good deeds slowly destroys human heart and instead people get inspiration from good deeds they tear apart and distant from each other.This is a story of Maria born Muslim but due to her Christian mother, society treats her and judge her as a non-Muslim not only society her blood relations also treats her as alien.The expedition of Maria as she confronts the people who judge others and shows them reflection of the mistreatment they did even with odds of society. Written By: HumaHina Nafees | Directed By: Saleem Ghanchi | Produced By:Abdullah Kadwani &Asad Qureshi | Production House: 7th Sky Entertainment

19 Lux Style Awards 2020

The Lux Style Awards is an award ceremony held annually in Pakistan. The awards celebrate “style” in the Pakistani entertainment industry, and it is the oldest event dedicated to cinema, television, fashion, music and film industry in Pakistan. Pakistan’s biggest award night, Lux Style Awards is going virtual this year as the tumultuous 2020 impacts some of the biggest shows across the globe. Pakistan’s biggest award night, Lux Style Awards is going virtual this year as the tumultuous 2020 impacts some of the biggest shows across the globe. The Lux Style Awards office announced on Thursday the complete list of winners this year in the categories of fashion, film, television and music. Here’s the full list of winners: Film: Best Film: Laal Kabootar Best Film Director: Kamal Khan [Laal Kabootar]… Read More →


The Soap Meri Maa is a story revolving around the family of Mr. Sultan and their love for a daughter, but God had other plans neither the eldest son and the daughter-in-law Yusuf & Fatima nor the other brother Rehan & Nimra had daughter as their 1st child, but Fatima’s 2nd child is a daughter the 1st girl in the family. The story takes a new turn after her birth. Cast: Anwar Iqbal, Anum Fayyaz, Madiha Rizvi, Faizan Khawaja, Hassan Ahmed, Seema Seher, Suzain Fatima and others.Written By: Kishor Asmal, Raheel Ahmed