This story narrates the life of three siblings who have been raised by their elder sister after the death of their parents. Aima, the eldest have dedicated her life for her siblings but despite all her efforts she could not do justice and she have been vocal about the hardships she has faced in raising them.

Aima’s decisions dominates their home and life of her siblings, she doesn’t want to let go of her younger siblings, ends up misleading them, manipulating them and tried to take control of their life. Because of her stubborn nature and insecurities her siblings go against her wishes therefore everybody is always tensed and unable to make her happy.

As events unfold Aima have to face the hidden truth of her personal life, she has been making compromises in her love life and expects her siblings to do the same. As they will not follow her lead, Aima tries to impose her wishes on them so much so that all of them starts a separate life one that is away from Aima and her way of living.

 How far she will go to impose her will on others? How will her siblings fulfill their wishes? Will she let her guards down and allow others to take charge of her life?

Written by: Seema Munaf | Directed by: Zeeshan Ahmed | Produced by: Hassan Zia | Production house: Mastermind Productions


  • Rubina Arif As Safia
  • Nadia Khan As Aima
  • Rabab Hashim As Fouzia
  • Junaid Khan As Azar
  • Aly Khan As Nabeel
  • Ali Tariq Ansari As Asim
  • Nazish Jahangir As Nimra
  • Maryam Nafees As Faria
  • Tauqeer Ahmed As Noman
  • Sumaya Bakhsh As Mona
  • Sabiha Hashmi As Shazia
  • Farah Nadeem As Surya
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