Tanveer Fatima BA is a story of a lower middle class family. There are various types of people in the story includes a potpourri of funny, passionate, bitter, naughty and greedy characters. This provides an abundance of interesting possibilities within this cloth washer’s family.

Revolving basically around Tanveer Fatima who is a student of BA and for this reason her parents had to take a stand as most of the family members are opposed to the idea of letting her study further. For this reason her parents have hired a male tutor, which complicates the lives of some of the members of the family even more.

The characters’ interactions with each other provides not only interesting situations and entertainment but also shows the psyches of their characters, like putting a curse through magicians, falling in love, caring for others, self indulgence, human desires, emotions, loyalty and jealousy.


Cast: Shabbir Jan, Samina Ahmed, Nayyar Aijaz, Naheed Shabbir, Danish Nawaz, Shahnaz Pervaiz, Darakhshan Tahir, Rubina Arif and Yasir Nawaz

Writer and Director: Syed Nabeel

Producer: Hassan Zia

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