The story is about a middle-class family. Saeeda and Bano are sisters who are living together with their children. Saeeda has two daughters named Hajira and Jameela and a stupid son named Bhola who marries with their neighbor’s daughter named Nargis without taking permission from any one. Bano has only a son named Jamal. Jamal likes Jameela since childhood, Jameela gives t, she falls in love with Momi. Saeeda asks Jameela for dowry for Hajra’s wedding, to that Jameela expresses great anger.

Sana’s son disclosed the affair between Momi and Jameela hence, Jameela is fired from the tuition. Jameela contacts Majid’s friend Kamal who works at a TV channel; due to this a misunderstanding develops in the house, and Jameela leaves. Kamal takes her to a Kotha rather than to a TV channel. There she meets Shirazi. He helps her to escape from that Kotha and brings her to his house and gets married.

Nargis lost her child because of Hajira; that’s why her mother takes her back. Shirazi also fed up with Jameela’s behavior. He is informed about the affair of Jameela and Jamal through Bhola; he divorces her. Jameela blames her mother for this. Saeeda is trying for Bhola’s second marriage but Nargis comes back to him.

Jamal does the drama to marry with his stepmother’s daughter Pinky. Pinky advises him to marry Jameela. Hajira gets married with Majid; after Hajira’s marriage Saeeda feels Jameela’s pain. Jamal proposes to Jameela; she tells him about the entire story including Kotha and married life with Shirazi. Jamal realizes that how selfish and senseless they were. Jameela agrees for marriage after many hindrances. Soon Jamal really marries Pinky and Jamila gives birth to twins(Jabbo and Bhola) the same time Pinky gives birth to Kamal. Then Jamal and Jamila have afight and Jamal leaves Jamila to live with Pinki.Jamila’s son (Bhola) grows up to become a taxi driver while Pinky’s son (kamal) grows up to become a popstar.

Javeria Jalil as Jamila/Chameli
Saud as Shirazi
Alyy Khan as jalal ahmad (jb)
Sidra Batool as Javeria “Jenny” Shirazi
Salma Zafar as Saeeda
Ismail Tara as Tara Qasai
Parveen Akbar as Bano
Naeema Garaj as Shakira
Imran Urooj as Jamal
Sherry as Pinki
Noman Habib as Bhola
Beenish Chauhan as Nargis
Behroze Sabzwari as Laddan
Hina Dilpazar as Hajira
Mehmood Qasmi as Majid
Ghazala Jawaid as Paarvati
Adeel Chaudhary as Kam (Kamal)
Esha Noor as Jabbo
Momal Sheikh as Jalebi
Shahroz Sabzwari as Sheroz
Christina Albert as Saloni
Faizan as Rehan

Created by: JJS Production House
Written by: Fizza Jaffri, Javeria Saud
Directed by: Kamran Akbar Khan

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  • Mobeen Raza

    Please upload yeh zindagi hai all episodes

  • abdul wahab

    kindly tell yeh zindagi hai ramdan me kitny bjy lag rha ha aur repeat kitny bjy lgta ha

    • Waqas

      Due to ramzan programming, we are not airing Yeh Zindagi Hai. It will be resume after Ramzan.


  • Usama Sheikh

    Yeh zindagi hai

  • Zakir Muiz

    Can Please Please Yeh Zindagi Hai Play Again With All Episodes From Start Beginning To End On Geo Kahani This Is My Request

  • Zakir Muiz

    Can Please Please Play Again Yeh Zindagi Hai All Episodes On Geo Kahani From Beginning To End

  • Zakir Muiz

    Can You Please Please Yeh Zindagi Hai Play Again With All Episodes From Start Beginning To End On Geo Kahani This Is My Request

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