Zoya is a young and fun-loving girl who lives with her mother and younger brother Moto. Zoya prefers to live in a world of her dreams and wishes to meet her prince charming one day. However, the only obstruction in the way of fulfilling her dreams is the fear of losing the house she is living in. For many years, Zoya and her family have been forcefully living in Shamsheer Sahab’s house on a minimal rent amount. After refusing to leave the house multiple times, Shamsheer Sahab’s son Ashir takes up the responsibility to vacate the premises on his own terms and that is when both Ashir and Zoya meet for the first time. This whole situation translates into a bittersweet rivalry between Ashir and Zoya as they both are adamant about their decisions. What follows is a tussle between the two as they continue to play different tricks to annoy each other. Amidst all of this will Zoya and Ashir be bound in a new relationship? Will Ashir be able to convince Zoya’s family or will he be compelled to listen to his heart?

Written by: Farhad Qaimkhani

Directed by: Najaf Bilgrami

Produced by: Hassan Zia

Production House: Mastermind Productions

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