Bergüzar Korel (Sheharzaad)

Bergüzar Korel(Sheharzaad of Sheharzaad)

This Turkish drama tells about the lovestory of Şehrazat and Onur: Şehrazat, a talented architect who works in a construction company owned by Onur Aksal and Kerem. She is the mother of a five-year old boy who suffers from leukemia and needs an urgent and very expensive surgery. Only her boss Onur, who is secretly attracted to her, accepts to give her the money on condition that she spends one night with him…

Mantasha (Piya Mann Bhaye)

Rabab Hashim

To fall prey for love and to be in love are two different things. This is the story of “Piya Mann Bhaye” where there are two children of same parents with different approaches towards life. One is too materialistic, always being greedy while the other is too much concerned for relationships, love, affection and honesty. The story of Shaheer, Hania and Mantasha is of tragedy, rivalry and betrayal. The serial also shows how a sister destroys another sister’s life by choosing someone who is her sister’s love. And then how that sister finds herself trapped in her own web. Cast: Sami Khan, Abdullah Ejaz, Ushna Shah, Rubab Hashim, Nazli Nasar, Manzoor Qureshi, Gul-e-Rana Written By: Asma Sayani Directed By: Ali… Read More →

Sohai Ali Abro(Saat Pardon Main)

Sohai Ali Abro(darakhshanda badar of Saat Pardon Main)

It’s a serial based on a woman who lives in a world of dreams and fantasy and fails to realize that the reality is different. A serial based on a woman who lives in a world of dreams and fantasy and fails to realize that the reality is different. She will fall in love with a person who comes on TV as a hero while he will not give her much importance. There are many women in our society who have their own fantasies and later hurt themselves when they get a reality shock.

Aiman (Paras)

Yumna Zaidi

Aiman a cheerful, carefree girl, born to a wealthy couple Mr.Tahir and Shumaila. Her mother is suffering from cancer. She is in an urgent need of a surgery which could only be carried out in England. Before leaving for the medical procedure, Mr.Tahir and Shumaila happily engage Aiman with Hammad a good looking guy who is in love with Aiman. But Fate had other plans for Aiman and her parent’s air plane crashes on their flight back from England. Aiman is informed after her parents death that his father had left nothing for Aiman, as he had spent all his fortune on his beloved wife’s treatment. Aiman’s life changes, not only that but the attitude of her relatives has changed… Read More →