Yumna Zaidi in Aap Ki Kaneez

Yumna Zaidi-Aap-Ki-Kaneez-Kahani Girls

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times with the same person, over and over again. But there is always an unusual story to tell. Shah Mir Afandi lost his wife while she was giving birth to their daughter Parniyan 12 years ago, but the love that he felt for her when he laid his eyes on her for the first time is still there. When they got married Sheerin was a divorcee with a 13 year boy Shah Zar from her first marriage, but her past had no effect on him in any way Shah Mir and he is still living with her memories and his house is more of a museum which has Sheerin written all over…. Read More →

Rabab Hashim in Anaya Tumhari Hui

Rabab Hashim-Anaya-Tumhari-Hoye-Kahani Girls

Anaya Tumhari Hui’ unveils the story of a girl named Anaya (Rubab Hashmi) who is kind, gentle and a pure soul , she considers life as a fairy-tale dream tale. She is reticent and submissive by nature. The only daughter of wealthy doting parents and a sister of 2 brothers. She was engaged to her cousin Saram (Sami Khan) who lived in America with his mother. Saram’s mother, also Anaya’s aunt thought that Saram’s carefree and irresponsible attitude will be settled once he’ll marry her niece, Anaya. Just because of Anaya’s pure nature, she falls in love with Saram unconditionally and builds in her mind the image of a perfect husband and dreamt about him. Cast: Sami Khan, Rubab Hashmi,… Read More →

Jana Malik(Nagin)

Jana Malik-nagin

A supernatural plot involving the myth of ICHA DHAARI NAAGIN (A snake which takes human form). Story revolves around a house where the elders are aware that when they made this house they had to kill some snakes who were living there. But what they don’t know is that there were two survivors (both girls), one is Muskaan who was taken by an ordinary man who saw that snake in a baby form. And the other girl (antagonist Sanam Jahan) was taken by a SAPERAN. Sanam Jahan returns in this home to take revenge where lives our hero RAYAN who falls in love with Muskaan who doesn’t know that she is a Nagin yet. Muskaan gets into that home after marrying Rayan and Sanam Jahan is already there. What will happen when Muskaan… Read More →

Mantasha (Piya Mann Bhaye)

Rabab Hashim

To fall prey for love and to be in love are two different things. This is the story of “Piya Mann Bhaye” where there are two children of same parents with different approaches towards life. One is too materialistic, always being greedy while the other is too much concerned for relationships, love, affection and honesty. The story of Shaheer, Hania and Mantasha is of tragedy, rivalry and betrayal. The serial also shows how a sister destroys another sister’s life by choosing someone who is her sister’s love. And then how that sister finds herself trapped in her own web. Cast: Sami Khan, Abdullah Ejaz, Ushna Shah, Rubab Hashim, Nazli Nasar, Manzoor Qureshi, Gul-e-Rana Written By: Asma Sayani Directed By: Ali… Read More →