The bond between business partners Shaukat Hayat and Ali Afzal finds new meaning when Ali’s asks for Shaukat’s daughter Maryam’s hand in marriage for his son Mikael. The young and naive Maryam who agrees to the arrangement reluctantly, must try her best to get used to her new life. Despite growing intimacy with her future husband, Maryam finds it hard to convince her husband that there is nothing between her and Hasan, her friend from university.

Will Maryam be able to overcome the challenges that her marriage to Mikael holds? Will her relationship get stronger or will her in-laws create more obstacles in her path? Will Maryam find the courage to finally stand up for herself and what she wants?

Building on the trials and torments of a broken married life, Maryam must find it in herself to climb out of the situation she has been placed in.

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