This is the story of Ayesha, a young vibrant girl who has strong beliefs, a deep understanding of religion and respect for a traditional and respectful lifestyle. When Haris, who belongs to a liberal household with a modern outlook, meets Ayesha accidentally because of an incident – the unexpected spark between them leads to them getting married. This does not go down well with Faizan who has known Ayesha growing up, and has been in love with her since he was a teenager.

The conflict between Ayesha whose faith is her guiding light, and her in-laws who are far more liberal in their approach, starts as soon as she moves in with them and slowly takes over her whole life. Over time this clash threatens the strength of her marriage and tests her faith and her character, as accusations from her in-laws call into question her loyalty to her husband.

Despite all these hardships, will Ayesha stays true to her beliefs and her faith? Will her circumstances change? Or will they change her? Will Haris and Ayesha reconcile or will her life take another unexpected turn in search of a different life with someone else?

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