Zara (or Lalain) grew up with her mother, learning how important her career is. After her mother’s death she was left with her guidance only, no relative at all. Zara is about to get a promotion when suddenly she found herself being accused of cheque fraud with her company. Her boss tells her to go underground so she travels to a far off land and starts living with a family with a fake identity as chef.

With no experience of household or emotions Zara finds it more fun and joyous to have a family. Adnan who eventually knows Lalain (Zara) is lying, decides to help her learn cooking. During this spicy and romantic ride Zara falls in love and explores the beauty of life. Now the issue is her original life and that fraud which starts haunting her… She has to go back and take whatever belonged to her. Whether it will be money or honey, this journey is all about that choice!!

Cast: Rubab Hashim, Muhammad Hassan Ahmed, Shaheen Khan, Sherayar Zaidi, Sana Pervaiz

Written By: Mubahila Zaidi

Directed By: Ali Faizan

Produced By: TNI Productions

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