The movie revolves around a typical Pakistani family living in Toronto, Canada. The story revolves around the main lead Anzhelika Tahir who plays the role of Aisha in the film where she gets married to the older brother Mikaal Zulfiqar on paper while she is married via Muslim Nikkah Rituals with the younger brother. The second lead Nayab Khan who plays the role of Zoya is Mikaal Zulfiqar’s real girlfriend in the movie.[5] Mikaal Zulfiqar and debutante Shayan Khan are playing the roles of brothers while Ali Kazmi is playing a villain who is also in love with Anzhelika Tahir.

Director: Mahmood Akthar
Producer: Zain Farooqi
Story by: Harish Kumar Patel
Music composed by: Sahir Ali Bagga, Ayyaz Sonu

Cast:Mikaal Zulfiqar,Anzhelika Tahir,Ali Kazmi,Qavi Khan,Atiqa Odho,Shayan Khan,Nayab Khan,Komal Farooqi,Azra Mohiuddin,Saram Jaffery

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