Dil Ishq

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A story of a young, pretty and studious girl Bakhtawar (Neelum Munir) who has aspirations in life to do the best in her studies, she lived with her crippled father and her mother. A rowdy man in the neighborhood approached her but she refused , in the meanwhile she gets proposal from a caring guy Feroz but unfortunately the rowdy man’s wicked plan sabotage her character in front of in-laws and they called-off the wedding, her family didn’t trust her innocence and shunned Bakhtawar, she is shattered and heart-broken. Twist in the story comes when her father forced her to marry a rich gentleman Mansoor (Aijaz Aslam), with a heavy heart and bitterness she starts a new chapter of life…. Read More →

Aap Ki Kaneez

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A successful marriage requires falling in love many times with the same person, over and over again. But there is always an unusual story to tell. Shah Mir Afandi lost his wife while she was giving birth to their daughter Parniyan 12 years ago, but the love that he felt for her when he laid his eyes on her for the first time is still there. When they got married Sheerin was a divorcee with a 13 year boy Shah Zar from her first marriage, but her past had no effect on him in any way Shah Mir and he is still living with her memories and his house is more of a museum which has Sheerin written all over…. Read More →

Jeevan Sathi

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The story revolves around Mr. Shafqat Ali his wife and his three daughters(Mahwish,Aadarsh&Dilkash). It is a common belief in our society that the girl would live happily ever after with her husband if the parents are arranging the marriage of their daughter. According to them its the right choice because they have seen the world and knows whats better for her. Whether the marriage is arranged or love the women in most of the cases the female has to suffer and is oppressed either by her vary husband or either her in-laws. Status: End