Any much married man would never approve of polygamy but living in an unpredictable world one can never be too sure!Shabaz and Shiza are celebrating their matrimonial bliss to its optimum. They have a smooth sailing ! Shabaz couldn’t have ever thought of a second wedlock only until he chanced upon Hajira . She was a widow who had inherited large amounts of wealth from her late husband, but the money she had acquired wasn’t without its share of problems. She is petrified that her materialistic brother in law might slain her and take it all away. The underlying fear compels her mother to plead Shabaz to marry her.Shabaz obliged but soon became a victim of marital harangue by his… Read More →



Sangdil is a story of stepsisters, Sofia and Zoobia. Sofia, who is similar to her mother Farkhanda, is an exemplary child but quite ordinary in looks, whereas Zoobia, possess good looks and is the apple of her father’s eye has contradictory traits. Zoobia’s mother has passed away so all the attention is paid to her and none to Sofia. Zoobia falls in love with Shahzaibwho is an actor by profession, but despite being her father’s favorite, Touseef does not approveShahzaibbecause of his vocation. Consequently, she develops a pre-conceived notion that her step mother Farkhanda is behind her father’s decision, which accelerates resentment in the family. Another twist in the story happens when Zohaib, a new member to the neighborhood, meets… Read More →

Mann Ke Moti

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The serial tells the story of a woman (Faria) who is living the life that every woman dreams about except some economical constraints. She has a loving husband three adorable kids and a very understanding mother-in-law. The dream is shattered when her husband (Faisal Qureshi) decides to travel illegally abroad and is killed while crossing the border, now Faria is left alone to protect her kids from the harsh realities of life and to share the pain of a loved one with her mother-in-law, initially all her struggles go down the drain, then is forcefully married to another man not as a wife but only as a caretaker to a kid from his first marriage. Cast:  Faisal Qureshi,  Waseem Abbas,… Read More →



“Bojh” depicts our society’s preconceived notion and false mindset that boys are an asset whereas girls are a burden to a family. “Bojh” is an effort to break this unjustified way of thinking due to which women have become a victim of prejudice in our society. Bojh is based on the story of a middle-class family where the father (Qavi Khan) of four daughters and a son has imposed restrictions on blooming of his vibrant daughters and he thinks that education is of no importance for daughters however, he has given a free hand to his only son. Just due to the fear of heavy dowry, he gets 2 of his daughters engaged to his nephews who are not even… Read More →



This Turkish drama tells about the lovestory of Şehrazat and Onur: Şehrazat, a talented architect who works in a construction company owned by Onur Aksal and Kerem. She is the mother of a five-year old boy who suffers from leukemia and needs an urgent and very expensive surgery. Only her boss Onur, who is secretly attracted to her, accepts to give her the money on condition that she spends one night with him…

Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai

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Out in this big world marriage is a small little world that two individuals create with their social union, the world remains beautiful as long as both partners love and respect each other and do not take things for granted. Shazma and Muazzam live in one such world with their daughters but not happily ever after. Once a woman becomes a mother her priorities shifts to her children thus Shazma is no exception, After years of marital life, now she only enjoys being a mother as she is a good mother and she has forgotten that she is also a wife and has taken her marriage and Muazzam for granted and Muazzam is also oblivious of his part as a… Read More →

Meri Adhoori Mohabbat


Since there are no boundaries of love, this soap proves that irrespective of any caste, religion or tribe, love can cross any boundary without asking a return or possession over the other person. A young guy falls in love with a Hindu girl who is already engaged to another person. This person is unable to take a stand for her because of the social pressures and marries his cousin. He later comes once again to the same place when he comes to know that the Hindu girl is now divorced. But circumstances take a turn and the girl gets married to his step-brother, a lawyer. This situation becomes crucial for everyone and the relation becomes quiet unacceptable. To make matters… Read More →

Saat Pardon Main

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It’s a serial based on a woman who lives in a world of dreams and fantasy and fails to realize that the reality is different. A serial based on a woman who lives in a world of dreams and fantasy and fails to realize that the reality is different. She will fall in love with a person who comes on TV as a hero while he will not give her much importance. There are many women in our society who have their own fantasies and later hurt themselves when they get a reality shock.  

Jeevan Sathi

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The story revolves around Mr. Shafqat Ali his wife and his three daughters(Mahwish,Aadarsh&Dilkash). It is a common belief in our society that the girl would live happily ever after with her husband if the parents are arranging the marriage of their daughter. According to them its the right choice because they have seen the world and knows whats better for her. Whether the marriage is arranged or love the women in most of the cases the female has to suffer and is oppressed either by her vary husband or either her in-laws. Status: End