SHE is a situational comedy serial centered on a women Police officer named Baji Rao Mastani and her three subordinates. The show depicted their lives as they try to solve every case which comes to their jurisdiction. SHE is a very clever and inteligent and has no fear she always stand by the right side and never get influenced from superior and always do what is righteous. A very hilarious situational comedy flick by renowned Dr Yonus Butt. Cast & Credits: Saba Qamar , Nayyar Ejaaz, Myra, Abid Kashmiri Writer: Dr Younus butt Director: Fawad Wayne


The story of Saaya revolves around Sauleha who lives with her husband Rashid and two daughters. Sauleha is in her last trimester and she has immense pressure by the mother-in-law to give birth to a son, otherwise she will be thrown out of the house with her daughters who are considered to be a burden. Despite being a support, Rashid is unable to take a strong step against her mother Ateeqa for being a source of tension in the family. Sauleha delivers a baby boy, but the newborn gets exchanged in the hospital by Qayyum, who is desperate to have a son. Ateeqa does not accept the baby girl and in order to get away from her presence, she does… Read More →

Shilai Maseen

Aasia is a widower and has one son, Mehboob. Since being a single parent, Aasia has borne much difficulties and has developed a harsh tone but her sewing skills are brilliant. She has brought up her son Mehboob and managed his education by using Sewing Machine which is her only means to earn money. After completing MBA, Mehboob got married to Zulekha who has also done MBA. Once they get married, Aasia asked Zulekha to learn sewing and understanding the need of time, Zulekha’s father buy her an automatic sewing machine. But this was not seen as good omen by Aasia and she started to taunt her. But they both will unite and help each other once a Dubai-based designer… Read More →

Chhappar Phaar Kay

Shakoor, is a man who run his household expenses by scrap dealing but Fareeda, Shakoor’s spouse always be angry and make argue with Shakoor to become a scrap contractor as contractor takes a loin share, but Shakoor doesn’t willing to quit inherent business at any cost. Dilruba, Shakoor’s daughter surrendered in love with her childhood fiancée Ashiq. Ashiq is a son of Gulzar, a financially stabled scrap contractor. Shakoor is well informed about dating between Dilruba and Ashiq as he caught both red handed on date several times. The story roll up when Shakoor got an antique television set in a greater extent of scrap got from Mr. Tufail’s late Banglow. Fareeda ask Shakoor to repair the TV for personal… Read More →

Meri Saheli Meri Bhabhi

Meri Saheli Meri Bhabi is a sad love story of two cousins, Fareeha and Saarim who are engaged since childhood. The parents of both the families never get along and the negativity has exacerbated since they have become neighbors. The protagonists are unable to tie the knot because the families have never practically accepted the relationship. Mehreen is Saarim’s sister. She is conniving and totally undomesticated. She is emotionally involved with Fareeha’s brother, Aaryan. Fareeha’s mother Shabanadoes not want Mehreen as her daughter-in-law but Mehreen’s mother Salama, out of pettiness and rivalry gets them married. Mehreen begins a new life with an objective to ruin Fareeha life. She is so jealous of the ideal reputation, which Fareeha possess in the… Read More →

Teri Meri Love Story

Actors Danish Taimoor and Aiza Khan are starring in a romantic-comedy telefilm that tackles how the media sets up strange expectations about love and marriage. Sonia(Aiza), a ‘filmi girl’, who wants to marry Zaid (Danish). She expects that her love life will be full of hurdles – just like any old-fashioned romance on TV or the movies. However, her marriage plans go exactly as planned, and this makes her upset! Written by: Syed Zain Raza Directed by: Furqan Khan

Honey Vs. Money

Zara (or Lalain) grew up with her mother, learning how important her career is. After her mother’s death she was left with her guidance only, no relative at all. Zara is about to get a promotion when suddenly she found herself being accused of cheque fraud with her company. Her boss tells her to go underground so she travels to a far off land and starts living with a family with a fake identity as chef. With no experience of household or emotions Zara finds it more fun and joyous to have a family. Adnan who eventually knows Lalain (Zara) is lying, decides to help her learn cooking. During this spicy and romantic ride Zara falls in love and explores… Read More →

Zamani Manzil Kay Maskharay

Love may born anywhere but for it to grow, it needs an environment that is conducive to it. Unfortunately for Mehboob and Chandni the situation is completely opposite. Despite living under the same roof, their love is encircled with jealousy, petty rivalry and a constant tug of war in-between their mothers. This Eid Daadi has come up with a plan to bring truce and unite the love birds. But will she be successful to tame her own daughters or her grandchildren will have to sacrifice their love too this Eid is the quest in this story. Cast: Parveen Akbar, Javeria Abbasi, Hina Altaf, Asim Mehmood, Nadia Afghan, Saleem Mairaj & Faisal Qazi Written By: Faysal Manzoor Khan Directed By: Shahood… Read More →

Yeh Zindagi Hai

The story is about a middle-class family. Saeeda and Bano are sisters who are living together with their children. Saeeda has two daughters named Hajira and Jameela and a stupid son named Bhola who marries with their neighbor’s daughter named Nargis without taking permission from any one. Bano has only a son named Jamal. Jamal likes Jameela since childhood, Jameela gives t, she falls in love with Momi. Saeeda asks Jameela for dowry for Hajra’s wedding, to that Jameela expresses great anger. Sana’s son disclosed the affair between Momi and Jameela hence, Jameela is fired from the tuition. Jameela contacts Majid’s friend Kamal who works at a TV channel; due to this a misunderstanding develops in the house, and Jameela… Read More →

Sitara Jehan Ki Betiyaan

This teleplay is on the feel of Qudoosi Sb kee Bewa(Fasih Bari Style Comedy). Cast : Mehmood Aslam, Faysal Qureshi,Baddar Khalil,Naima Garaj,Hajra Khan,Naveed Raza,Sadia Ghaffar Writer: Khurram Abbas Director: Atif Hussain