Honey Vs. Money

Zara (or Lalain) grew up with her mother, learning how important her career is. After her mother’s death she was left with her guidance only, no relative at all. Zara is about to get a promotion when suddenly she found herself being accused of cheque fraud with her company. Her boss tells her to go underground so she travels to a far off land and starts living with a family with a fake identity as chef. With no experience of household or emotions Zara finds it more fun and joyous to have a family. Adnan who eventually knows Lalain (Zara) is lying, decides to help her learn cooking. During this spicy and romantic ride Zara falls in love and explores… Read More →

Zamani Manzil Kay Maskharay

Love may born anywhere but for it to grow, it needs an environment that is conducive to it. Unfortunately for Mehboob and Chandni the situation is completely opposite. Despite living under the same roof, their love is encircled with jealousy, petty rivalry and a constant tug of war in-between their mothers. This Eid Daadi has come up with a plan to bring truce and unite the love birds. But will she be successful to tame her own daughters or her grandchildren will have to sacrifice their love too this Eid is the quest in this story. Cast: Parveen Akbar, Javeria Abbasi, Hina Altaf, Asim Mehmood, Nadia Afghan, Saleem Mairaj & Faisal Qazi Written By: Faysal Manzoor Khan Directed By: Shahood… Read More →

Yeh Zindagi Hai

The story is about a middle-class family. Saeeda and Bano are sisters who are living together with their children. Saeeda has two daughters named Hajira and Jameela and a stupid son named Bhola who marries with their neighbor’s daughter named Nargis without taking permission from any one. Bano has only a son named Jamal. Jamal likes Jameela since childhood, Jameela gives t, she falls in love with Momi. Saeeda asks Jameela for dowry for Hajra’s wedding, to that Jameela expresses great anger. Sana’s son disclosed the affair between Momi and Jameela hence, Jameela is fired from the tuition. Jameela contacts Majid’s friend Kamal who works at a TV channel; due to this a misunderstanding develops in the house, and Jameela… Read More →

Sitara Jehan Ki Betiyaan

This teleplay is on the feel of Qudoosi Sb kee Bewa(Fasih Bari Style Comedy). Cast : Mehmood Aslam, Faysal Qureshi,Baddar Khalil,Naima Garaj,Hajra Khan,Naveed Raza,Sadia Ghaffar Writer: Khurram Abbas Director: Atif Hussain

Main Bhi Tha Tiger

This amusing and entertaining comedy begins with ‘Sweetie’ tying the with the colony’s crook, ‘Tiger’ shocking everyone present because of their contrasting nature but ‘Sweetie’ does this for a specific purpose. Tiger is ill treated in his own house by his wife, mother in law (Aunty Jee urf Beauty Queen) and maternal grand mother-in-law (Nani Urf Item) as they put different kind of demands on a daily basis and never seem to be satisfied. When Tiger Badmaash meets with old likeminded friends Chinto and Minto he sheds tears remembering the golden days of mischief and rogue when the public would shiver upon hearing their names. Chinto and Minto pass sarcasm that ‘Tiger has become a goat after his marriage’. Fed… Read More →

Anjuman – Tarang Housefull Movie

Anjum Hayat Khan is a young and innocent girl, studying in university. Some notorious students therein use to tease her but she reacts nowhere and avoids facing them instead. Asif tries to stop those guys and this leads to a fight in the university. Later, the same group of students visits a “kotha” where they are stunned to see anjum, the same innocent girl, dancing before them. The very next day, same news is spread everywhere in the university and asif is also surprised to know it. However, Anjum (Anjuman as dancer) leaves the university with the question in asif’s mind as to how and why did she appear to. Later, Asif’s brother “Wajaht” is found involved with a known… Read More →

Tanveer Fatima B.A

Tanveer Fatima BA is a story of a lower middle class family. There are various types of people in the story includes a potpourri of funny, passionate, bitter, naughty and greedy characters. This provides an abundance of interesting possibilities within this cloth washer’s family. Revolving basically around Tanveer Fatima who is a student of BA and for this reason her parents had to take a stand as most of the family members are opposed to the idea of letting her study further. For this reason her parents have hired a male tutor, which complicates the lives of some of the members of the family even more. The characters’ interactions with each other provides not only interesting situations and entertainment but… Read More →

Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai

Out in this big world marriage is a small little world that two individuals create with their social union, the world remains beautiful as long as both partners love and respect each other and do not take things for granted. Shazma and Muazzam live in one such world with their daughters but not happily ever after. Once a woman becomes a mother her priorities shifts to her children thus Shazma is no exception, After years of marital life, now she only enjoys being a mother as she is a good mother and she has forgotten that she is also a wife and has taken her marriage and Muazzam for granted and Muazzam is also oblivious of his part as a… Read More →


‘Maryam’ is about a young woman (Mawra) who is innocent, fun-loving and bubbly by character she liked Amaan (Faysal Qureshi). Maryam puts forward the proposal of marrying Faisal Qureshi and they happily get married and Maryam lives a life of bliss. The couple had good understanding and trust for each other. Amaan is a man of great ideals who wants to give rightful place to all relations in his life. He lived with his step mother and step brother who always plotted wicked conspiracies against him but he in return Amaan gave them pure love and respect. On the other hand, Alyy Khan (Maryam’s cousin) always wanted to marry her but he wasn’t her type so he makes a devilish… Read More →