Bikhra Mera Naseeb


At times life could be very cruel. Sometimes it takes a turn for worst so abruptly that the person doesn’t even have the time to stabilize. For Hina Alvi existence is about fun, party and festivity. She is the only daughter of Basit Alvi, despite his efforts to protect his daughter from the bad companionships and habits Hina falls as an easy prey and follows the path for all the wrong reason. Basit is dispersed and feels isolated as he is unaware of the fact that the person spoiling his daughter is none other than his own wife and Hina’s mother Sania Begum. On the other hand there is Ujala for her life is nothing but a struggle for survival… Read More →

Anaya Tumhari Hui

Anaya Tumhari Hui-Profile

Anaya Tumhari Hui’ unveils the story of a girl named Anaya (Rubab Hashmi) who is kind, gentle and a pure soul , she considers life as a fairy-tale dream tale. She is reticent and submissive by nature. The only daughter of wealthy doting parents and a sister of 2 brothers. She was engaged to her cousin Saram (Sami Khan) who lived in America with his mother. Saram’s mother, also Anaya’s aunt thought that Saram’s carefree and irresponsible attitude will be settled once he’ll marry her niece, Anaya. Just because of Anaya’s pure nature, she falls in love with Saram unconditionally and builds in her mind the image of a perfect husband and dreamt about him. Cast: Sami Khan, Rubab Hashmi, Naila… Read More →



Any much married man would never approve of polygamy but living in an unpredictable world one can never be too sure!Shabaz and Shiza are celebrating their matrimonial bliss to its optimum. They have a smooth sailing ! Shabaz couldn’t have ever thought of a second wedlock only until he chanced upon Hajira . She was a widow who had inherited large amounts of wealth from her late husband, but the money she had acquired wasn’t without its share of problems. She is petrified that her materialistic brother in law might slain her and take it all away. The underlying fear compels her mother to plead Shabaz to marry her.Shabaz obliged but soon became a victim of marital harangue by his… Read More →



Sangdil is a story of stepsisters, Sofia and Zoobia. Sofia, who is similar to her mother Farkhanda, is an exemplary child but quite ordinary in looks, whereas Zoobia, possess good looks and is the apple of her father’s eye has contradictory traits. Zoobia’s mother has passed away so all the attention is paid to her and none to Sofia. Zoobia falls in love with Shahzaibwho is an actor by profession, but despite being her father’s favorite, Touseef does not approveShahzaibbecause of his vocation. Consequently, she develops a pre-conceived notion that her step mother Farkhanda is behind her father’s decision, which accelerates resentment in the family. Another twist in the story happens when Zohaib, a new member to the neighborhood, meets… Read More →

Ladon Mein Pali


Laraib a girl so innocent that she is unaware of her ravishing exquisiteness, beauty and good looks hidden behind her childish yet loving attitude, jokes and pranks aimed towards her family. Pampered by the elders and loved by her cousins, all Laraib has received is affection from her relatives, little did she knew about the challenging future awaits her. Her life changes, she comes to know of her own good looks and beauty after seeing her portraits taken candidly by Wahaj who is a stylist by profession. The two become good friends and before late that friendship proves to be a strong foundation for a loving relation and finally marriage. While the two were having the time of their lives… Read More →

Mann Ke Moti

Mann Ke Moti-Profile

The serial tells the story of a woman (Faria) who is living the life that every woman dreams about except some economical constraints. She has a loving husband three adorable kids and a very understanding mother-in-law. The dream is shattered when her husband (Faisal Qureshi) decides to travel illegally abroad and is killed while crossing the border, now Faria is left alone to protect her kids from the harsh realities of life and to share the pain of a loved one with her mother-in-law, initially all her struggles go down the drain, then is forcefully married to another man not as a wife but only as a caretaker to a kid from his first marriage. Cast:  Faisal Qureshi,  Waseem Abbas,… Read More →

Piya Mann Bhaye


To fall prey for love and to be in love are two different things. This is the story of “Piya Mann Bhaye” where there are two children of same parents with different approaches towards life. One is too materialistic, always being greedy while the other is too much concerned for relationships, love, affection and honesty. The story of Shaheer, Hania and Mantasha is of tragedy, rivalry and betrayal. The serial also shows how a sister destroys another sister’s life by choosing someone who is her sister’s love. And then how that sister finds herself trapped in her own web. Cast: Sami Khan, Abdullah Ejaz, Ushna Shah, Rubab Hashim, Nazli Nasar, Manzoor Qureshi, Gul-e-Rana Written By: Asma Sayani Directed By: Ali… Read More →



“Bojh” depicts our society’s preconceived notion and false mindset that boys are an asset whereas girls are a burden to a family. “Bojh” is an effort to break this unjustified way of thinking due to which women have become a victim of prejudice in our society. Bojh is based on the story of a middle-class family where the father (Qavi Khan) of four daughters and a son has imposed restrictions on blooming of his vibrant daughters and he thinks that education is of no importance for daughters however, he has given a free hand to his only son. Just due to the fear of heavy dowry, he gets 2 of his daughters engaged to his nephews who are not even… Read More →



Aiman a cheerful, carefree girl, born to a wealthy couple Mr.Tahir and Shumaila. Her mother is suffering from cancer. She is in an urgent need of a surgery which could only be carried out in England. Before leaving for the medical procedure, Mr.Tahir and Shumaila happily engage Aiman with Hammad a good looking guy who is in love with Aiman. But Fate had other plans for Aiman and her parent’s air plane crashes on their flight back from England. Aiman is informed after her parents death that his father had left nothing for Aiman, as he had spent all his fortune on his beloved wife’s treatment. Aiman’s life changes, not only that but the attitude of her relatives has changed… Read More →



This Turkish drama tells about the lovestory of Şehrazat and Onur: Şehrazat, a talented architect who works in a construction company owned by Onur Aksal and Kerem. She is the mother of a five-year old boy who suffers from leukemia and needs an urgent and very expensive surgery. Only her boss Onur, who is secretly attracted to her, accepts to give her the money on condition that she spends one night with him…