Dil Fareb


‘Dil Fareb’ is an intense love triangle with a beautiful blend of feelings, happiness, love, disappointment and jealousy. Zain (Omair Rana) a charming character is in search for his dream soul-mate and incidentally meets his dream girl Natasha (Ameesha Butt) but she tricked him by giving her wrong contact details . He loses hope to find her again, destiny makes him meet the elegant Dr. Gul Bakht (Mira Sethi) whom he decides to proposes due to his mom’s wish. Twist in the story comes when the bubbly Mashal comes back in his life as she is Dr Gul Bakht’s friend, he is surprisingly attracted towards her, thinking that she is his true soul-mate. Written by: Zafar Mairaj Directed by: Amin… Read More →

Ali Ki Ammi


Ali Ki Ammi is based on a real life story, as the title suggests, this serial is a story of a mother and a son, and how a woman travels a journey of hardships and transforms herself into a great mother without expecting anything in return from her only child. Maryam a young bubbly girl is an essential dreamer who falls in love with a man, marries him and because of this her family breaks all the ties with her. This was a trap set by the man who was already married and had a family with two grown up children. Maryam faces hardships as everyone in Nadir’s family is against the second Marriage of Nadir. She has a hostile… Read More →

Saas Bahu


Strange yet true, some times a woman is a woman’s greatest enemy. “Men can hurt my body, but women scar my soul” is one of those undeniable truths all women experience but most easily deny. This story mirrors a harsh reality of society where women exploit the harmony in not only there own life but also all the lives encircling them. It amazingly touch upon the fact that at times close relations become the reason of  distress in the lives of a happily married couple. This social drama highlights the miseries men go through just because of the politics women play in their lives. Cast: Hassan Ahmed, Saman Ansari, Erum Azaam, Asim Mehmood, Salma Zafar, Munawar Saeed Writer: Zahid Khan Director:… Read More →

Bari Bahu


Drama serial ‘Bari Bahu’ revolves around a downtrodden and acquiescent protagonist having character name, Mona. She is the feminine statue molded with typical eastern wife materials like loving, caring and docile. The husband of Mona is kind of mature and responsible guy who sacrifices a lot to strengthen the family bonding. His younger brother Naeem has personality traits totally opposite to him. He is naturally corrupt, scheming and artful fellow. Their one and only sister Shehla is married with maternal cousin, Asif. Mona is the eldest daughter-in-law in a joint household system lead by bias matriarch. Naeem, who usually takes advantages and plans different kind of tricks to emotionally blackmail his elder brother for looting some money.  Mona silently observing… Read More →

Teri Meri Jodi


Imagine if a chubby food loving Gujrati girl is married to a good looking Punjabi  hunk. She wants to be a cooking show host, he is an event manager, she can’t even walk straight without dropping or bumping into something, he is a perfectionist, she believes in love at first glance and instinct, he is a planner. This is the story of Gia, Kabir, their culturally different families and how they are brought together by a simple stroke of luck, and a lot of love. Cast: Adir Vadia,Shehnaz Pervaiz,Aftab Alam,Farah Nadir,FaisalQazi,Shazia Gohar,Zaheen Tahira,Kaif Ghaznavi,Almas Fidai,Husna Amaze Khan,Hiba Bukhari,Hamid Malik,Iqra Shahid,Usman Mazhar,Shahzeb Khawaja,Erum Bashir,Fawad Khan,Sonia Rao,Ali Ansari,Ashraf Khan,Hina Bayat,Umar Sultan ,Nadia Kanwal,Sami Khan,Abyan Chaudhry,Fatima Shah Jilani,Maham Aamir,Hira Hussain Written by: Syed… Read More →

Jo Chalay Tou Jaan Se Guzar Gaye

Jo Chalay Tou Jaan Say Guzar Gaye-Profile

Will the love of a woman quell the poisonous hate of a wronged man? Set against the backdrop of greed and deceit, this is the moving saga of Aalam Shah, son of wealthy but crippled business man Dawar Shah. Scarred by his past, Aalam Shah does not believe women are capable of sincere love and has no respect for them. Yet, he finds himself obsessed with Zufishan, a woman of exceptional character, and will go to any length to posses her. This is the compelling battle between the power of love and money. Cast: Noman Ejaz, Jaana Malik,Saba Qamar, Sami Khan, Qavi Khan, Kashif Mehmood Written By:         Maha Malik (based on her famous novel, “jo chaley tow jaan sey guzar gaye”)… Read More →

Meri Maa


The Soap Meri Maa is a story revolving around the family of Mr. Sultan and their love for a daughter, but God had other plans neither the eldest son and the daughter-in-law Yusuf & Fatima nor the other brother Rehan & Nimra had daughter as their 1st child, but Fatima’s 2nd child is a daughter the 1st girl in the family. The story takes a new turn after her birth. Cast:  Anwar Iqbal, Anum Fayyaz(Rameen), Madiha Rizvi, Faizan Khawaja, Hassan Ahmed, Seema Seher, Suzain Fatima and others. Written By: Kishor Asmal, Raheel Ahmed Directed By:  Wajahat Hussain Gilani

Tootay Huway Per


Ajia and Nimra are the daughters of hard working, lower-middle class Sibghatullah and his wife Zainab. For Ajia, money is everything and her one aim in life is to be rich. For Nimra, however, safeguarding her parent’s integrity is of utmost importance, even if it comes at the expense of her own happiness. Now, fate has dealt Ajia a twisted card: Sameer has returned from the dead on the eve of her marriage to Zaeem. Will Sameer be able to get over his sense of betrayal and accept Ajia? Has Nimra too escaped the claws of death like Sameer? And now that Sameer once again stands in the way of Zaeem’s obsession with Ajia, will Zaeem accept defeat? Cast: Aiza… Read More →

Bikhra Mera Naseeb


At times life could be very cruel. Sometimes it takes a turn for worst so abruptly that the person doesn’t even have the time to stabilize. For Hina Alvi existence is about fun, party and festivity. She is the only daughter of Basit Alvi, despite his efforts to protect his daughter from the bad companionships and habits Hina falls as an easy prey and follows the path for all the wrong reason. Basit is dispersed and feels isolated as he is unaware of the fact that the person spoiling his daughter is none other than his own wife and Hina’s mother Sania Begum. On the other hand there is Ujala for her life is nothing but a struggle for survival… Read More →

Anaya Tumhari Hui

Anaya Tumhari Hui-Profile

Anaya Tumhari Hui’ unveils the story of a girl named Anaya (Rubab Hashmi) who is kind, gentle and a pure soul , she considers life as a fairy-tale dream tale. She is reticent and submissive by nature. The only daughter of wealthy doting parents and a sister of 2 brothers. She was engaged to her cousin Saram (Sami Khan) who lived in America with his mother. Saram’s mother, also Anaya’s aunt thought that Saram’s carefree and irresponsible attitude will be settled once he’ll marry her niece, Anaya. Just because of Anaya’s pure nature, she falls in love with Saram unconditionally and builds in her mind the image of a perfect husband and dreamt about him. Cast: Sami Khan, Rubab Hashmi, Naila… Read More →