Geo Sar Utha Kay

The Film is based around actual events which involved Chottu Gang of Rajanpur, Kacha area of Southern Punjab, Pakistan. Where the gang brought terror on the land and the people living there, a group of police force have been sent there to put a stop to the Chottu Gang although this would not be a solid operation, it would be a bloody dog war fight for the strong. Babar Ali Shafqat Cheema  Nayyar Ejaz Sheharyar Cheema Maahi shahi khan Umar Cheema Naeem Khan Areeba Khan Ahmad Cheema Qaynaat Rana Rashid Mehmood  Arshad Cheema Mahnoor 

Rok Sako To Rok Lo

Rok Sako To Rok Lo

Sara and Sultan are madly in love and wants to be married, but there is a problem. Sara belongs to an ultra-modern household, her mother is learning to be a classical musician and her father is an open minded person. On the other hand Sultan’s father is a feudal lord from Punjab with a warm heart, his mother a traditionalist. Everything seems fine until the two families meet for the first time. Sara knows that her parents would never let her move to a village after her marriage with Sultan, and Sultan is certain that her mother would never accept Sara’s families’ ultra-modern ways. The two would have to find a middle ground where their families can find peace and… Read More →

Balu Mahi

Balu Mahi

The movie starts with Bilal “Balu” (Osman Khalid Butt) gatecrashing a wedding. He tries to stop the wedding, thinking it is his ex-girlfriend, who he still loves, getting married. However, he accidentally crashes the wrong wedding where the bride is Mahi (Ainy Jaffri). Mahi is being made to get married to someone by her family and when Balu crashes the wedding, she seizes the opportunity to run away. Written by: Saad Azhar | Directed by: Haissam Hussain | Produced by: Jawad Butt, Umer Gulzari, Sadia Jabbar, Ch. M. Arshad CAST Osman Khalid Butt Ainy Jaffri Sadaf Kanwal Shafqat Cheema Javed Sheikh Khurram Patras Adeel Hashmi Zeeshan Ali Durdana Butt


Rehaam and Ashir studied together in college and have been good friends, soon they fall in love. Ashir’s mother has taken over his deceased father’s business and has been struggling to keep this business alive, in the midst of all this she sends Ashir abroad to save the ongoing contracts. Before Ashir leaves he wants both families to meet and finalize his proposal for Rehaam. But unfortunately, Reham’s taya springs up the subject of her marriage with his son and her father and taya end up in a big fight and Rehaam asks Ashir not to bring his family as her father is not well.  Heartbroken but willing to help his mother Ashir leaves the country soon while Rehaam is… Read More →

Khaali Haath

Drama serial “Khaali Haath” highlights the sensitivity and closeness in brother-in-law and sister-in-law’s relationship. The frankness and intermingling in such kind of associations are quite acceptable in our society. But sometime such kind of propinquity leads to misunderstanding and unethical hankering. This play revolves around Mashal (Aiman), who is gifted beautiful, sensible and high-spirited girl. Her elder sister Sobia (Kiran Haq) receives marriage proposal from Basil’s (Ali Abbas) family. Mashal was out of town at the moments of commitment session. Basil sees his sister-in-law first time on the occasion of engagement ceremony and caught in love at first sight. He develops ultimate desire to attain Mashal by hook or by crook. Despite being her brother-in-law, he usually throws clues and… Read More →


Ahsan lives with his loving wife (Anum) and three children, his business is thriving. Ahsan goes out of town to finalize a business deal and there in a tragic accident he goes missing. Ahsan’s partner takes over the business and in the end Anum sells their home. Anum’s life changes completely and she struggles to deal with day to day life and provide for her kids. This struggle leads Anum and her kids to take extreme decisions which disperses their family and in order to save her family, Anum marries Behzad which makes life more miserable for her and kids. This family saga talks about the power play humans shows in relationships, the greed that takes over and put us… Read More →

Hona Tha Pyar

Two sisters trying to make life enjoyable for their family. A father who is a cripple and a mother who is a stay at home wife. The elder takes it upon herself to run the house while ensuring the younger one doesn’t feel deprived of her teenage years. Her journey of starting up a business, finding love, giving up on her dreams and eventually getting her happy every after.

wrong no

wrong no

A story of a middle class guy, passionate about becoming an actor and prove his worthiness to his family. Ditching a job interview as a favor from a father to his son, the story leads to new endeavors. Director: Yasir Nawaz Writer: Yasir Nawaz Cast:Javed Sheikh,Danish Taimoor,Janita Asma,Nayyar Ejaz,Qavi Khan,Shafqat Cheema,Sohai Ali Abro,Nadeem Jafri,Danish Nawaz,Ismail Tara,Arij Fatyma,Yasir Nawaz,Tooba Siddiqui

Bhag Amina Bhag

Amina is not like any average teenage girl growing up in a low soci-economic set up. She is bold and gutsy, she is naughty as hell and growing up around her three brothers and a handicapped boy, who happens to be her childhood friend and neighbor she has all the traits of a tom boy. Yet like any other girl of that social strata as girly at home as her mother wills her to be. A bundle of bustling energy she gets involved in street fights, chase kites for her polio stricken friend Haris, runs after thieves and stands up courageously for any injustice being done to the undeserved victim. Is she ever appreciated for her bravery? Of course not!… Read More →