This is a story about misunderstandings between newly-wed couple Ahmed & Shama, who of course love each other but unfortunately they believe what other say about their personal life is true and that’s create a lot of fuss between the two loving people. Ahmed’s friend Rajab & Shama’s sister Uzma were the two people behind Ahmed and Shama fight. They both pretend that they are actually living a happy married life and the know the exact formula of ‘happy marital life’, which they want Ahmed and Shama to apply on themselves, but the fail miserably every time and one day fight between Shama and Ahmed lead to a slap on Shama’s face. They both soon realize that they made a… Read More →

Teri Meri Love Story


Actors Danish Taimoor and Aiza Khan are starring in a romantic-comedy telefilm that tackles how the media sets up strange expectations about love and marriage. Sonia(Aiza), a ‘filmi girl’, who wants to marry Zaid (Danish). She expects that her love life will be full of hurdles – just like any old-fashioned romance on TV or the movies. However, her marriage plans go exactly as planned, and this makes her upset! Written by: Syed Zain Raza Directed by: Furqan Khan

Honey Vs. Money


Zara (or Lalain) grew up with her mother, learning how important her career is. After her mother’s death she was left with her guidance only, no relative at all. Zara is about to get a promotion when suddenly she found herself being accused of cheque fraud with her company. Her boss tells her to go underground so she travels to a far off land and starts living with a family with a fake identity as chef. With no experience of household or emotions Zara finds it more fun and joyous to have a family. Adnan who eventually knows Lalain (Zara) is lying, decides to help her learn cooking. During this spicy and romantic ride Zara falls in love and explores… Read More →

Tu Mera Chaand


This is the story of a closely bonded household, having some internal issues pertinent to finances and grand-daughters’ marriages. The story revolves around prominent characters which are Nani, Sakina Samoo as Shagufta Kali, who is religious, having good conduct and etiquettes & Dadi, Azra Mohiuddin, who is joyful and happy-go-lucky natured, however, they both are ages apart. While facing all these hurdles and losing hope, one day Mr. Jamshed, who is based in America and is their brother-in-law, calls Nani & Dadi and says that he has lost and wife and now he is sending his son, Ali, to Pakistan for marriage to one of their grand-daughters. On this voyage, Ahmed adjoins Ali as being a close friend. Unfortunately, their… Read More →

Zamani Manzil Kay Maskharay


Love may born anywhere but for it to grow, it needs an environment that is conducive to it. Unfortunately for Mehboob and Chandni the situation is completely opposite. Despite living under the same roof, their love is encircled with jealousy, petty rivalry and a constant tug of war in-between their mothers. This Eid Daadi has come up with a plan to bring truce and unite the love birds. But will she be successful to tame her own daughters or her grandchildren will have to sacrifice their love too this Eid is the quest in this story. Cast: Parveen Akbar, Javeria Abbasi, Hina Altaf, Asim Mehmood, Nadia Afghan, Saleem Mairaj & Faisal Qazi Written By: Faysal Manzoor Khan Directed By: Shahood… Read More →

Abhi Tou Main Jawan Houn – Tarang Housefull


This is a Love Story of Faisal Qureshi and Zehra. Faisal Qureshi is a struggling actor and has been working as Assistant Director for last 4 years in the industry in order to find any chance or opportunity in any film. Zehra, a daughter of a well established businessman Shakeel Badooq-wala, asks Faisal to talk to her father and ask for her hand otherwise she will marry any of the guy of her father’s choice. Faisal Qureshi meets Shakeel Badooq-wala and pretends himself as General Manager of any well known Hotel in the town and leaves good impression before Shakeel Bandooq-wala. Now, to keep this lie alive, Faisal Qureshi hops-in the Hotel which is run by three middle aged charming… Read More →

Armaan – Tarang Housefull Movie


The film tells of a beautiful but underprivileged girl, Zarnaab, living in Murree with her widowed stepmother and half-sister, Zartaab, and a flirty man, Armaan. Armaan meets Zartaab at a friend’s Mayoon and is mesmerized by her. Trying to flirt with her, Zartaab pranks him by switching places with a hermaphrodite. The encounter of Armaan flirting with the hermophrodite is recorded on the video of the ceremony. This leads to an infuriated Armaan. Armaan’s manager, Danny, picks him up from the ceremony and drives him home. In the car, Armaan orders Danny to find out the name and address of the girl, Zarnaab, who pranked him.

Dil Mera Dharkan Teri – Tarang Housefull Movie


Dil Mera Dharkan Teri (2013 film) is Pakistani romantic drama film directed by Mehreen Jabbar. Film is a remake of the same name released in 1968, starred by Waheed Murad and Rani. The film is produced by Humayun Saeed andTarang Housefull. Film stars Sanam Saeed, Ahsan Khan and Sarwat Gilani.

Chalo Chalo Dubai Chalo

Chalo Chalo Dubai Chalo-Profile

Moving to Dubai and living a luxurious life has been a childhood dream of Amir. On the 29th day of Ramzan Amir was on way to his house, when he finds a bag full of money. Within seconds amir decides that this money is going to change his life for good. On the other hand his wife Neelum is not with her husband on this one, she wants Amir to return the bag to its rightful owner. Chota Raees the underworld Don is now searching for his money, and he did so. He calls Amir’s home and threaten everyone’s life. Amir’s mother & Sister-in-law are also scared on the hit list, Chaudhry Bashir and Inspector Kashi of special branch are… Read More →

Nazar Kay Samnay


Nazar ke Samnay is the story of Saleem, a young mechanic living in the neighbourhood of Burns Road. He has had a massive crush on Hanna since forver – forever being when she moved to the neighbourhood four years ago. Hanna is an orphan living with her aged spinster Khala and hands down, the prettiest girl on the block. Saleem enjoys admiring Hanna from afar. He feels like a real Romeo not being able to have a conversation with the love of his life who lives a stone’s throw away from his home.